Return & Refund Policy


Keep the box and all the contents including the manual to be eligible for a replacement and refund. For devices, make sure there are no dents nor scratches in order for us to rule out damage from falls or in general, handling

We recognize the fact that damage during manufacturing is a high possibility and that occasionally these products, despite passing through a QA process, would end up in your hands. 

We have encountered the following so far with regards to pods and devices.

  1. Leaking of juice from the pod
  2. Lack of airflow when taking a drag
  3. No vape produced 
  4. Device malfunction not limited to battery capacity

Refund & Exchange Policy:


  1. When purchasing from us please keep the box until you have fully consumed all your pods
  2. Just reach out to us and inform us of the damage, it will be normal for us to ask some questions, we hope you understand
  3. Return the pods to the box 


  1. Keep the box with all contents present (including the manual)
  2. Make sure there are no signs of falls such as dents or scratches for us not to rule out that the damage was caused by such incident
  3. Warranty is void when dents and scratches can be observed 

How to process a refund and exchange:

  1. The replacement will be of the same variant (unless a particular variant is unavailable and you give consent to have it exchanged for another variant) 
  2. Reach out to us
  3. Answer our questions
  4. Replacement can happen in-store or delivered provided all of the conditions mentioned above is fulfilled